Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nature Trip With My Family

April 6, 2014

We went to Eden Nature Park with my family. Horseback riding crossed out from my bucket list yay!

College Graduation

March 29, 2014

I am very thankful to everybody behind this success, especially my family. Finishing college was never easy, but all the tears and frustrations became worth it when I wore my black toga and received my (dummy) diploma. I have been blessed by the Lord with the people who supported me. There might be some who doubted my capacity, but I proved to them I can do it. I did it because my family was my primary motivation, and because God never left my side even in tough times. 

Finishing college crossed out from my bucket list!

Please pray for me to pass the June boards! :D

Sincerely yours,
Kathreen Mae Doria Cascabel
Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunnies by Charlie Davao Launch

     Last March 13, Sunnies by Charlie opened their first store here in Davao. Hooray! They gave out sunnies for the first 100 customers. In the afternoon, there was a meet and greet with none other than Georgina Wilson! Me and my friend bought ourselves our own sunnies in the morning, claimed our stubs, and went back for the meet and greet in the afternoon. Everything was so worth it to think I got to sit beside her and even took a picture with her!! Super starstruck-ed!!

Free food for everybody!

She is so pretty I swear! This was the second time I saw her in person but the first time I get to be up close. So much feels.

Selfie! kyaaa~ :3

Together with the co-owners. :))

     I'm sorry I didn't get to take photos of their collection. I originally didn't plan to make a blog post about this but I was so overwhelmed I saw Georgina that I had to share it to you guys! So yeah, please visit Sunnies by Charlie, located at the second floor of Chimes Specialty Store, Sales street, Davao city. There are a lot of beautiful designs of sunnies to choose from! Prices range from 250-799 Php.

Here's a video from the meet and greet:

Monday, January 6, 2014

Bloom Secret Weapon Concealer Kit Review

     Finally got myself a decent concealer! I've been looking for a concealer with a good coverage for the longest time already and I am so happy I finally got one! I find concealers expensive so I haven't bought myself a decent one until now, and I must say my money was worth it. 

Price: 545 Php
Availability: Beauty Bar

     It comes in a credit card-sized container where in you pull the card in order to open the product. I initially thought this is only a refill container but realized that was just plain stupidity on my part. The container might not be that desirable but the product itself gives a good performance so I think it is really the product that you are paying for and not the packaging.

     I love that this is a concealer palette and it comes in different shades so I can blend to achieve my desired shade. I also get more than what I pay for since there are two corrector shades so you don't need to buy another color/shade separately.

     There are 6 compartments for the different shades in this palette. From left to right: Yellow (for dark circles), Medium, Deep, Green (for disguising redness and blemishes), Illuminiser (for highlighting), and Dark.

Left to right: Yellow, Medium, Deep, Green, Illuminiser, Dark

    For me, this concealer has great pigment. I use the yellow under my eyes and the green for my red spots and blemishes and blend them with a combination of medium and deep. The result is great coverage, reduces my puffy eyes, and hides my blemishes. Then, I set it with my 4U2 Dreamgirl Lovelight BB Powder in No. 3. My mom noticed that my skin looks "flawless" when I wear this concealer. I don't look like a battered wife who just came out of bed. I love this concealer palette!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meet my Family

Meet my family! Here's my father, mother, and two brothers. I am a middle child and only girl among the siblings. :)

Our latest family picture:

2012 family picture:

2013 Family Picture:

Cheers to more family pictures in the future! ♥

ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer Review

     Another ELF product! I've been wanting to have this for the longest time. I remember the first time I swatched this in the department store. I was sooo amazed! Actually, ignorant is a more appropriate term, haha! I didn't actually know how to describe the feeling it leaves on my skin since it makes it smooth and somehow makes my hand slide when I stroke it with my finger. I even thought it was oily but then I looked at it closely and realized I was so wrong! hahaha I sound so stupid, right?

Price: 399.75 Php
Availability: Watsons and ELF counters nationwide

     I never really knew what a primer was until two or three years ago. I thought that whenever you put makeup, you can immediately start with your foundation since it is "foundation" after all. Now that I am already oriented with makeup products, I can say it is really very expensive to be a girl!

     So a primer is what you put on after moisturizing your skin in order to have a smooth canvas prior to applying your makeup, also to make it last longer. It also provides a barrier between your face and the makeup itself.

     I love this primer! It makes my skin smooth and it makes my pores somehow invisible. It also doesn't interact with my concealer so I don't have a hard time blending it. I do not use this everyday, it is best to use a primer only on special occasions when you really need your makeup to last.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some Outings and Throwback

Costa Marina with Hudas, April 2013

Island hopping with Doria Fambam, Talikud Island, IGACOS, December 2013

April's birthday, Playa Azalea, IGACOS, January 2014

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